Pengkalan Hulu is a small town located in Hulu Perak. It is 873.70 km sq, and borders with Baling District (Kedah), Gerik (Perak) and Betong (Thailand). Its geographical location at 380 m above sea level, surrounded by conserved flora makes it a cool and fresh district. The clean air, tranquil surroundings and developed planning are the specialties of Pengkalan Hulu. It is not surprising then that it attracts tourists who want to get away form the noisy city, and the residents who live there happy and peaceful.

Users of North South Expressway (PLUS) from the south can exit the highway at Kuala Kangsar. Continue the journey through Lenggong, Lawin, Gerik, and Kelian Intan before reaching Pengkalan Hulu. Those from the north can exit the highway at Gurun. From there, continues to Batu Lima and Baling, before arriving at Pengkalan Hulu. From the west (Penang), you can use the Seberang Jaya exit and travel through Butterworth Kulim Expressway, Kulim, Baling and then you will arrive at Pengkalan Hulu. As from the east (Kelantan), you can travel through Jeli, and Gerik before arriving at Pengkalan Hulu.

You can download the map from (credit to Plus Express Berhad)