Health and Town Services Division


Objective :

  1. To provide an effective and responsible service in regulating the township services and satisfying the clients and residents;
  2. Creating a clean, beautiful and systematic Pengkalan Hulu Town;
  3. Ensuring a quality public sanitation from all aspects;
  4. Improving the monitoring and controlling on trade and business premises relating to cleanliness and customers' satisfaction.
  5. Increasing the Council's revenue from the license payments; and
  6. Giving awareness to the public / customers on the importance of cleanliness maintenance.

Main functions:

  1. Directly responsible towards the Council's Yang Dipertua and Secretary.
  2. Planning, reviewing, and maintaining the division's programmes and activities.
  3. Guiding staff on carrying out related duties.
  4. Checking and ensuring that the work is carried out as prescribed.
  5. Responsible in ensuring that the usage of Council's vehicles and assets are according to procedures.
  6. Responsible in ensuring that all vehicles usage is perfectly recorded in the vehicles logbook.
  7. Responsible in ensuring that the operational area cleanliness is always at a satisfactory condition.
  8. Eliminating all disturbances that occur in the Council area.
  9. Catching stray animals in the Council area.
  10. Ensuring that the beauty of operational area surroundings are kept and maintained properly.
  11. Maintaining the cleanliness and beauty of the recreational parks and gardens are maintained satisfactorily.
  12. Licensing business premises and advertisement boards.
  13. Issuing permits for hang banners and placards.
  14. Investigating any complaints received.
  15. Taking actions against licensing violations.
  16. Requesting reviews from other departments and processing license applications.
  17. Enforcing the laws adopted by the Council.
  18. Ensuring the public abides the laws gazetted by the Council and the authority.
  19. Securing the Council's assets and building's security.