Valuation and Rates Division


Objective :

To ensure that up to15% of the overall revenue contribution for Pengkalan Hulu District Council comes from General Assessment Tax. To update the evaluation system and procedures and ensure the valuation administration runs effectively and in order.

Evaluation Functions :

  1. Evaluating assets to determine the Annual Value (Assessment Tax). 
  2. Evaluating government and statutory bodies' rateable assets for the purpose of Rate Assisted Contribution.
  3. Advising the Council on the Council's rental assets.
  4. Processing and issuing amendment notice / new valuation notice pursuant to Section 141 and 142 Act 171.
  5. Processing change of correspondence address, owner's address, owner and SPBT Valuation and Rate Module Data.
  6. Carrying out valuation once every 6 months for amendment purposes.
  7. Carrying out Revaluation once every 5 years.
  8. Preparing a complete Valuation Listing for tax estimation purposes.
  9. Maintaining assets and valuation records.
  10. Handling Official Search matters.
  11. Processing all official applications.
  12.  Dealing with all administrative matters relating to valuation.
  13. Recording and updating all assets' records in the Pengkalan Hulu District Council area.
  14. Controlling and updating the data in the Assessment-SPBT System.

Rate Functions:

  1. Studying the increment to widen the area and Pengkalan Hulu District Council.
  2. Studying and presenting the working paper for the Annual Rate for the coming(upcoming) year in the Council's Full Meeting.
  3. Presenting the approved Annual Rate working paper to the Local Government Division, State of Perak State Secretary Office, for the approval of Perak Government Meeting Council.
  4. Drafting the Annual Rate Gazette and referring to the Perak Legal Advisor for gazetting purpose.
  5. Gazetting the Annual Rate and the Expansion to Pengkalan Hulu District Council area.