Divisions' Objectives and Functions:

General Administrative and Secretariat Division



To ensure that the Administrative and Personnel management runs efficiently and properly and abides all regulations.

Personnel Main Functions:

1. Management of post creation / abolition /  re-grading application;
2. Management of service examination application;
3. Management of trial period extension;
4. Management of appointment of new members;
5. Management of Induction Course application
6. Management of annual leave, medical leave, unrecorded leave, half-paid leave and unpaid leave; and
7. Management of disciplinary action

Administrative Unit Roles :

1. Maintaining the cleanliness of the office;
2. Distributing files to various units in the Council;
3. Maintaining the photocopier machines, copy printer and other equipments and office furniture;
4. Management of the delivery of Council's letters and invitation cards;
5. Management of the receipts of letters / registered letters;
6. Management of the Council's hall and field rental; and
7. Management of the meeting files for the Council's YDP and Secretary.